Boardable Pricing Plans 2022

Boardable Pricing Plans 2022

Virtually no modern board meeting is without the use of technology to help streamline and simplify the process. For example, thousands of companies favor the board portal and its capabilities to effectively manage board preparation and execution, and each of them uses a product that fits all of its requirements. In this article, we offer a look at one of the best suppliers, Boardable, as well as Boardable pricing and the main benefits. Study the necessary information to decide whether these terms are right for you.

Boardable Portal for Boards – General Characteristics

It is very important to choose a software provider that meets all your requirements because otherwise, you won’t be able to increase your company’s productivity to the fullest. Boardable Board Portal is an all-in-one solution that offers all the features you need for seamless digital communication among board members. It allows you to quickly plan and organize meetings, conduct meetings using handy tools, creates agendas, and share them, just like other confidential documents, within the space. Boardable’s capabilities also include easy-to-use features for taking and completing minutes, online voting, and security and data management tools.

Boardable is great for many types of organizations and is especially valued among nonprofits. The program offers integration with your frequently used applications, namely calendar, zoom, and email. The program can be used both desktop and mobile, but iOS users report experiencing some problems logging into video conferencing from their smartphone.  Overall, the Boardable board portal offers a convenient and secure centralized space that can definitely streamline all of your board’s important processes.

Boardable reviews top features

So, below we will provide a list of the main features that Boardable provider can offer you:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface -The program is very easy to operate and is fast-adaptable. Integrate your usual programs with the Boardable portal without any help from your IT team and operate successfully within the space in just a day or two after purchasing the solution
  • Free mobile app – Suitable for all operating systems and are also user-friendly. Ensure you can access important content quickly and easily from any location and device
  • Agenda Builder – Creating agendas has never been easier than with this feature. Use ready-made templates and form agendas in PDF format, then upload them to the public view space without any risk
  • Minutes Maker is another feature to simplify administrative tasks, allowing you to handle the chore of creating, maintaining, and concluding minutes more efficiently
  • Boardable Spotlight – makes your meetings more productive, regardless of format, providing you with assistive tools, a virtual conference center, and more
  • Electronic Signatures -Speed up any processes that require formal signatures of board members because they can now instantly sign documents wherever they are
  • Security settings – detailed permissions that allow only a certain group of people to access certain folders
  • Dashboard – gives participants a full view of the whole picture and makes sense of everything that’s going on right now
  • Task Manager – allows you to track the progress of certain tasks and their deadlines. Improves transparency and accountability of the company


The provider provides three pricing plans to choose from and forms its prices based on the number of users. The most minimal plan starts at $79 per month, it allows access to 10 users, and every additional five users will be charged $20.